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Refractive lens exchange

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    When natural crystalline lens of the eye is still clear, cataract surgery is called Refractive lens exchange.

    Refractive lens exchange (RLE) is performed to treat the following two conditions:

    1. Short-sightedness and/or long-sightedness
    2. Astigmatism

    Treatment is tailored to the individual to facilitate the best possible vision that will suit their lifestyle requirements.  It is important to bear in mind that there is no perfect solution to match all lifestyle needs. During the consultation, the surgeon will help you pick an option that is most suitable for you.

    Mukhtar Bizrah believes that the 400um limit to being able to perform this treatment is outdated, especially with the advances in technology and understanding of treatment mechanisms. At the AI Vision Clinic, we use advanced technology to enable collagen cross-linking of corneas with advanced level of disease.

    After comprehensive assessment of the cornea, the eligibility and treatment options for cornea collagen cross-linking will be discussed with you in more detail.