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Cataract Surgery

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    Cataract is clouding of the natural crystalline lens inside the eye. This usually occurs with age, and results in gradual worsening of vision. Symptoms can include clouding of vision and glare (particularly at night). Most people above the age of 60 years have some degree of cataract formation, but this can range from very mild to severe.

    At the AI Vision Clinic, these are the 3 important conditions we aim to treat during cataract surgery:

    1. Cloudiness of the natural crystalline lens inside the eye (i.e. cataract)
    2. Short-sightedness and/or long-sightedness
    3. Astigmatism

    The aim of cataract surgery is to treat all of the above 3 conditions. Treatment is tailored to the individual to facilitate the best possible vision that will suit their lifestyle requirements.

    It is important to bear in mind that there is no perfect solution to match all lifestyle needs. During the consultation, the surgeon will help you pick an option that is most suitable for you.