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Brow Lift Surgery

What is a Brow Lift Surgery?

A brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift, is a kind of facial surgery that involves lifting the skin above the brows to smooth out horizontal forehead creases. Simultaneously, it provides space around the eyes by minimizing the gravitational attraction that results in the ‘hooding’ of the eyelid’s skin to overhang. To enhance the look of the forehead, brow, and region around the eyes, people from UK can get a brow lift surgery in London at London Surgical Suites. Not only we have experienced specialists, but we also provide cost-effective brow lift costs in London.  

Procedure time

1-2 hours

Support garments

7-10 days

Up & Mobile

1 day


3 weeks


Elevated on back for
2 weeks to 2 months

Anaesthetic type

Local anaesthesia


1 day

Sexual activity

3 weeks

Full recovery time

6 weeks


3-10 weeks

Hospital stay

Day case


1 week

Back to work

1-2 weeks

Final results

6-12 monyhs

Why opt for A Brow Lift Surgery?

The skin loses elasticity, firmness, and support as the natural aging process proceeds. This may cause the brow to droop, giving the appearance of a “hood” and making individuals seem tired and older than the actual ages. This is caused by the skin’s loss of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. As we age naturally, wrinkles and lines become increasingly noticeable over the face, most notably on the forehead. When our skin loses its elasticity, the brows grow closer to the eyes, giving the appearance of low brows.

This often exaggerates the facial emotions and gives the impression that you are sad, angry, or agitated.  In some instances, brow drooping may be physically distressing. Individuals with extensive brow ptosis may have headaches as their forehead muscles strain overtime to elevate their sagging brows. Drooping brows might impede eyesight in certain circumstances. 

If you have a sagging brow, our surgeries for brow lift in London can help restore the brow to its original position as well as help to improve your eyesight if the drooping brows have hampered it. Our brow lifts surgery in London can help slow down the aging process and make you look younger for longer.

What Are The Benefits of Brow Lift Surgery in London?

Lift brows to restore a refreshed look:
Our brow lift surgery in London aims to restore a refreshed impression: A drooping, heavy brow that presses on the top eyelids may make a person seem tired and worn out. A brow lift will enlarge the eye region, giving you a more alert and rejuvenated appearance. Brow lift in London at London Surgical Suites conducted by lead surgeon Dr Bashar Bizrah can help address these frequent issues successfully by smoothing the look of the face.

Repairing the asymmetrical eyebrows: 
A person may notice that one of their brows is higher or has a different form than the other. Asymmetry in the face may be caused by congenital facial bone asymmetry, which means that one side of the face is smaller than the other. Asymmetrical eyebrows may also be induced by nerve weakening caused by disorders such as Bell’s palsy or upper eyelid droopiness (ptosis). In this regard, you can opt for our brow lift in London to help rebalance this area of the face with ease. This may have a beneficial impact on the brow’s overall appearance, providing the patient with a more relaxed and revitalized appearance.

Revive the facial space: 
People in the UK come for our eyebrow lift surgery in London to rejuvenate not just a sagging brow, but also the top region of their faces. A brow lift enlarges the eyes, making the patient seem more alert and rejuvenated, eliminates frown lines and furrows, smoothing the overall aspect of the face, and, of course, restores the youthful skin. In summary, the brow lift’s effect extends beyond the brow region.

Results that are both realistic and long-lasting:
The effects of our brow lift surgery in London are more natural-looking and endure longer than the outcomes of non-surgical procedures thanks to the well-experienced specialists. The effects are permanent, but you may need to repeat the surgery in the long run when the ageing process progresses.

Improve overall psychological health:
Furthermore, in addition to the various physiological advantages, a brow lift surgery in London at London Surgical Suite may also aid in the improvement of self-confidence and personality since the desired results are obtained, hence having a good influence on overall emotional wellbeing.


How is Brow Lift Surgery in London carried out?

There are a few steps to perform before and after an eyebrow lift surgery. Many individuals are self-conscious about their looks, and just as the brows are noticeable on your face, people are increasingly opting for our brow lift surgeries in London rather than simple threading or other non-surgical procedures to improve their appearance, because it is long-desired and provides a more natural outcome.

Since many individuals are interested in undergoing eyebrow lift surgery in London, they must be educated about the procedure’s phases and steps.  We at London surgical Suites offer a wide range of brow lift procedures such as coronal, temporal, hairline, hidden incision, and endoscopic brow lift in London, including many more. Schedule a consultation for more information

Before the Surgery:

The first step to undergoing a brow lift surgery in London at LSS is to schedule a consultation with our lead surgeon. Before having any sort of facial cosmetic surgery, the surgeon ensures that the patient fully understands all the choices accessible to them as well as the dangers involved. Sometimes a written agreement is obtained for the procedure(s) that has been mutually agreed upon, and a copy is given to the patient to keep and read at their leisure. 
The surgeon will inquire about the patient’s preferences and concerns, and he or she will then select the most appropriate surgical procedure for the patient. The surgeon will examine your whole forehead region, including your top eyelids, with special care given to the muscles in the area. The surgeon may ask you to produce a series of facial expressions for them to better understand how they can best assist you.
Preadmission Tests: 
There are some blood tests and ECGs prescribed by the doctor. 
Things to be avoided:
 Stop smoking at least 3 weeks before the surgery, it is very important. Also, the doctor may advise you to avoid drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen and analgesics for two weeks before the surgery. 

During The Surgery: 

After the Surgery: 

General anesthesia will be given but sometimes there might be local anesthesia depending on the complexity of the procedure.
The classic lift consists of a single continuous cut that begins at the level of your ears and progresses upward along your hairline. Depending on where your hairline is, the surgeon will make every effort to minimize the appearance of a scares.


Your recovery from the procedure will vary depending on whether you had a traditional or an endoscopic brow lift operation performed. Regardless of the outcome, you will have stitches or staples in your skin that will need to be removed in around a week. The screws will be removed by your surgeon in about two weeks if you have temporary fixation screws in place. These fittings are placed behind the hairline to keep the lifted brow in its proper position.

You will most likely have swelling and bruising, which may extend to areas of your face that were not surgically repaired, such as your cheeks and eyes. The swelling should decrease within a week or two at the most. It is recommended that you keep your head elevated for at least two days after surgery to assist reduce swelling. You may also gently apply cold packs to the afflicted area during this time. But always take the doctor’s advice before doing anything.



Thinking of a brow lift surgery? View our brow lift before and after examples to see some of the amazing work that London Surgical Suites can offer. In the before and after examples you’ll be able to see to get an idea of what your result could be.

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Consult our surgeon to know your treatment options. Fill up the form, including your queries, and schedule a personal consultation for you.

Do you have any queries for us? Drop your questions, including your details in the form, and we will get right back to you.


Consult our surgeon to know your treatment options. Fill up the form, including your queries, and schedule a personal consultation for you.

What Are The Reasons to Have An Endoscopic Brow Lift in London Over Other Procedures?

Less Scarring:
Comparing the coronal and trichophytic techniques, there is a considerable decrease in the length of the incisions in case of endoscopic brow lift, there is an improvement in the concealment of the scarring around the incisions, as well as a reduction in blood loss and surgical trauma. In addition, our endoscopic eyebrow lift in London helps to alleviate hypesthesia in the scalp.
Improved Overall Healing Experience:
Patients who receive an endoscopic brow lift in London at our LSS, report a more positive overall healing experience after
Minimized Risk of Complications:
By making smaller incisions, the risk of complications such as infection and poor wound recovery is also reduced. This is the benefit of choosing a less invasive surgical treatment like endoscopic brow lift in London.


Risks & Complications Associated With Eyebrow Lift Surgery in London

Complications are improbable. Nonetheless, as with any procedure, problems are possible; your surgeon will address each of these concerns in detail at your appointment. Few common complications seen in patients are:

Pain: You may experience slight discomfort and mild pain. Usually, simple paracetamol is adequate for this. However, your physician may prescribe certain analgesics. Expect some discomfort around the Endotine Brow devices, which should resolve after 2-4 weeks. Avoid few selective medications such as aspirin/ibuprofen, which may exacerbate bruising.

Bleeding: Minor oozing may happen within the first two to four days. Significant bleeding necessitating re-admission is rare.

Muscle Weakness: You may have muscular weakness because of bruising of the nerve that connects the muscles to the brain after a brow lift in London at LSS. However, it is predicted to completely heal in 6 to 8 weeks.

Bruising: Bruising around the eyes is normal after any kind of eyebrow lifting surgery. It might persist up to two weeks. Consult your physician if the bruising remains after two weeks.

Delay in Skin Healing: Occasionally, a few individuals have a delay in the healing of the dull skin. However, it is uncommon.

Numbness: Following surgery, numbness in the scalp is common. Sensation normally returns to normal after six months, although this may take longer.

Asymmetrical eyebrows: Occasionally occurs in the forehead because of inflammation and resolves with normal healing.

Scarring: Scarring that is hypertrophic or keloid in nature is rare after Brow Lift. If they do occur, certain therapies may be required.

Infection: Infection is very uncommon, although it may need the use of suitable medications such as certain types of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Recovery Post An Eyebrow Lift Surgery in London:

Patients generally walk out of the operating room and into the recovery area within an hour, escorted by a family member or friend, and are back home (if close) or at the hotel after a brow lift surgery in London at LSS. Swelling is to be expected, although it usually goes away within 24 hours. Swelling may be reduced by sleeping raised up on pillows. The staples are removed after 10 days, and the hair may be cleaned right afterwards. The severity of bruising varies, and some patients return to work the following morning while others rest for several days. Most people can go out socially after a week; however, bruising may need camouflage make-up. If you have a fever of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and or excessive swelling or bleeding after a brow lift, contact your doctor right away.

What is The Cost of Brow Lift in London?

The brow lift cost in London varies up and down depending on several factors. The cost of an eyebrow lift varies depending on which method is performed and whether you combine it with additional treatments. The cost of a Brow Lift in London depends on various factors like:

  • Consultation with cosmetic surgery specialist
  • A pre-operative medical test to determine you are fit for the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions about brow lift surgery in London:

When we say Brow Lift surgery in London, it is referring to an Endoscopic brow lifting surgery used for brow reshaping. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to repair drooping eyebrows and enhance forehead creases and wrinkles in order to attain a more youthful look.

The following traits are thought to be indicative of someone who is suitable for a brow lift surgery as per legal surgical standards in UK. Drooping brows, Eyebrows that are sagging, Skin that is loose and elastic around the brow, eyes, forehead, Fine brow creases and wrinkles on the forehead, the brow area is asymmetrical, etc.
People between the ages of 40 and 60 years old who have strong skin elasticity are often the most acceptable candidates for brow lift surgery in London.
Surgery for a brow lift may be performed on both men and women, while brow lift procedures are more suited for males who are experiencing a receding hairline. Your surgeon will advise you on the most appropriate surgical method for your situation.

The soft tissue and skin of the forehead is elevated during a brow lift procedure, smoothing away wrinkles and lines like crow's feet and glabellar lines and raising a sagging, heavy brow. An eyebrow lift surgically removes these telltale indications of age, making your face seem younger. If the natural ageing process continues, the outcome will be permanent.
As well as making the eyes seem less fatigued, a raised brow may also make them appear more awake. This contributes to the face's overall freshness. This procedure may also be used to enhance eyesight if the patient's brow was sagging and was obstructing their vision. Thus, a patient's overall well-being may be enhanced in addition to their physical look with a brow lift surgery in London.
This procedure might have an enormous psychological effect as well. Brow lift surgery may help patients whose self-esteem and self-confidence have been affected by deep forehead wrinkles or drooping skin.
You should keep in mind that full healing and final appearance might take up to 3 – 6 months to be completed and reached.

Brow lift surgery is conducted under general anesthesia and may be completed in a single day or it may need a one-night hospital stay. This will be determined by your specific requirements and will be recommended by your Surgeon.

It is possible that the effects of a brow lift will be permanent, depending on the procedure you choose. A surgical brow lift is the only procedure that will produce a long-lasting outcome in this situation. However, like with any surgical procedure, your new brow will eventually be under the natural ageing process, and you may go for more surgery in the future to preserve the results achieved to this point. Cosmetic brow lift surgery outcomes will endure from 5 to 7 years, according to your specific anatomy and age.

Yes, there are non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods too. An eyebrow lift that does not involve any incisions or anesthesia is referred to as a non-surgical brow lift, as the name implies. However, although this form of therapy may generate significant effects, they are not as long-lasting as those obtained by surgical brow lift. Non-surgical brow lifts are not permanent. When it comes to a drooping or wrinkled brow, anti-aging injectables such as Botox may only give a temporary remedy. To keep the results, more treatments will be necessary. Your new, more youthful look will last for three to six months before you need to undergo another treatment to maintain it.

The brow lift surgery in London at London Surgical Suites is usually completed in less than 30 - 45 minutes in many cases. But it depends on the form of surgery and complicacy of your case. Sometimes it goes up to 2 hours.

The recovery will take 3 to 5 days and you can start your normal activities after a week except vigorous exercise and contact sports. Your surgeon will provide you with precise advice on how to care for your incisions once they have been made. It is essential that you adhere to these guidelines to promote your recovery. Rest with your head up and avoid exposing the incision sites to excessive pressure or movement for several days after your brow lift procedure.

Mild pain or discomfort could be anticipated for 3 - 5 days after the procedure. Patients may resume their usual everyday activities after one week, but they must refrain from engaging in severe exercise or activity for six weeks, including any contact sports, to prevent injury.

Refrain from engaging in strenuous activity or exercise for at least 6 weeks after the surgery. For the next six weeks, no contact sports are permitted.

Since the surgery requires incisions, you will have scars after the eyebrow lift surgery. If performed my professionals like the brow lift specialists in London the scars left behind from the incisions should diminish on their own over the course of time.

The brow lift cost in London varies depending upon the choice of hospital, complexity of the surgery, etc. On an average it begins from £4,950 to £5920 and varies according to your unique circumstances. This price sometimes may cover pre- and post-operative care.

This may vary from person to person; however, you may be required to take up to one week off work.

Many patients often request that a brow lift and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) be performed at the same time to produce a more significant outcome. Blepharoplasty is a quick and efficient operation that produces noticeable results with little downtime. Blepharoplasty is recommended for patients who need extensive surgical intervention. You may consult your doctor to know more about it.