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Facial Plastic Surgery


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed for altering and reconstructing the nose. It can be reconstructive when aimed at restoring the nose and cosmetic when improving the aesthetic appearance. Factors like congenital disabilities, blunt traumas, or the need for an aesthetically pleasing nose are the reasons people go for Rhinoplasty. It can be either closed or open depending on the purpose of the surgery and is performed under general anesthesia.


Also called Septal Reconstruction, Septoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to straighten a deviated septum (the structure dividing the nose into two chambers). A deviated septum can be natural or related to trauma resulting in blocking of airways. Septoplasty can be performed on its own or in combination with other surgical procedures involving the nose. It can be performed either under general or local anesthesia. It usually takes 1-2 months to recover from the surgery.

Ear Reshaping Surgery

Also called Otoplasty, Ear Reshaping Surgery can be a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure used to improve the ear’s shape, structure, and contour. It is indicated in cases of overly large ears, protruding ears, ears deformed due to injury, or just to improve the aesthetic appearance of the healthy ears. It may be done under local or general anesthesia. It is absolutely safe and comes with a high success rate when performed under an expert surgeon.

Facelift Surgery

Also called Rhytidectomy, Facelift Surgery is a cosmetic procedure aimed at removing the sagging of the face to give it a youthful appearance. It is indicated in cases of sagging or excess skin in the cheeks and jawline. It may be performed on its own or in combination with a neck lift to improve the contour of the neck. It is performed under general anesthesia. However, you need to have a healthy body condition to undergo this surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery

Also called Lower Rhytidectomy or Platysmaplasty, a neck lift surgery aims at improving visible signs of aging in the lower jawline and the neck. It is used to treat aging and weight-induced effects on the chin and neck. Conditions like muscle banding, skin loosening, and excess fatty deposits in the neck coupled with jowl on the face make neck lift surgery highly essential. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and can take several hours. You can return to work two weeks after the surgery.

Brow Lift

A Brow Lift is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the sagging skin of the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. A Brow Lift may be done either by a Classic Lift method or Endoscopic Lift method. It may be done on its own or in combination with other procedures like blepharoplasty or facelift. It is indicated to either decrease the sagging of the eyebrows or to improve their cosmetic appearance. After the surgery, you will need to keep your head elevated until the doctor advises otherwise. It is a reversible process and needs periodic follow-ups with maintenance to keep up with the results.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery performed to improve the droopy appearance of the eyelids. It can be performed on either or both lids. It is advised in cases of dropping or wrinkled eyelids, puffiness of eyes, or loose folds in upper eyelid skin impairing vision. You are required to blood-thinning medications with abstaining from smoking a few weeks prior to the procedure. An ophthalmologist performs blepharoplasty. It can be done in combination with some other procedures like brow-lift or facelift. 

Fat Transfer to Face

Facial Fat Grafting is an advanced surgical treatment that involves harvesting and filtering unwanted fat cells through liposuction techniques, then reinjecting them to either help rejuvenate and restore lost volume in the face.