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Ear Reshaping Surgery

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    Otoplasty, which is also referred to as cosmetic ear surgery, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is used to alter the shape, position, and overall proportion of ears. It is also used to correct ear-related defects on a structural basis. The major goal of Otoplasty or Ear Reshaping in Dubai is to enhance the appearance of ears aesthetically by achieving ear symmetry. Living with large ears can be extremely tough. The size and shape of the ears can be a problem especially for children.  Many of them experience and suffer by insensitive and un-kind remarks and face humiliation in everyday life. With latest technology in cosmetic surgery this problem can be addressed by ear reshaping surgery. Ear reshaping can dramatically change a person’s appearance simply by making the ears look more normal. The protruding appearance of the ears is caused by a defect in the development of external ear. This can be associated with some other ear malformations which can be addressed simultaneously. The procedure of Otoplasty can reduce the ear size, mold them into a new shape and can make them look more symmetrical and placed closer to the head.

    Possible Causes:

    Prominent or misshapen ears, which can be present at birth or after an injury, can at most times cause social anxiety regardless the age. This condition is especially difficult for teenagers as they can be a subject of teasing and ridicule from their peers. Some of the characteristics of misshapen ears include.

    • Drooping or protruding ears
    • Large ear lobes
    • Ears with a missing cartilage
    • Small, constricted ears

    The Need for Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping) Surgery

    Ear reshaping surgery in Dubai is done based on several aesthetic and medical reasons. However, you might go for Otoplasty if any of your ear or both stick out from your head or they are misshapen or disproportionate about your head or the other ear. A botched Otoplasty can also lead you to undergo the same surgery again to achieve the desired results.

    There are plenty of reasons which cause misshaping of ears, for example, ear structure might get affected after an accident or an injury. Sometimes people have asymmetrical ears since childbirth. Ear defects can also be the result of trauma or stress.

    Things to Remember:

    • It is very important to choose the right plastic or cosmetic surgeon. You have only one body and putting it in the hands of anyone less competent can result in grave consequences.
    • The ideal surgeon is someone who can understand what you want to achieve with the cosmetic surgery procedure and can offer the best possible solution.

    Ear Reshaping Surgery Treatments at Bizrahmed, Dubai

    The results of ear surgery done by Bizrahmed plastic surgeons become visible immediately after the surgery in the form of natural-looking and proportional ears with an improved balance of ears and face. The individuals who opt for Otoplasty surgery in Dubai at Bizrahmed, not only experience the change in the physical appearance of the ears but also enjoy various aesthetic and psychological benefits, which include.

    • Your ear’s overall aesthetic appearance is improved along with their shape, size, and position
    • Many sorts of small imperfections can be corrected with this procedure
    • It is also suitable for children
    • It is completely a safe procedure, and minimum side effects are associated with it
    • It causes minimal scarring
    • It boosts your self-esteem and improves your self-image
    • It yields natural-looking results