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    No, liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. It is a misconception that often leads the patient to have impractical expectations from the surgery. Liposuction can effectively remove the residual fat pockets, not responding to other weight loss methods, and permanently destroy the fat cells. New cells can always appear over time. That's why it is better to have our doubts cleared before proceeding with liposuction in the UK.

    There is no specific figure for liposuction cost in London, irrespective of its application area. The stomach contains visceral fat contained in the inner layers of the body. This cannot be effectively treated by liposuction that works best on subcutaneous fat or superficial fat deposits. Tumescent procedure and PAL method can work to some extent on belly fat, but only if there is less fat. Overall, abdominoplasty is a better option than liposuction for belly fat. In case you still want to go for the procedure and are concerned about liposuction costs in London, get in touch with one of the experts at London Surgical Suites.

    Patients looking for a fat removal surgery in the UK consider liposuction as it offers promising results in less time. However, you must understand that you can lose a maximum of 5 pounds with liposuction without the risk of side effects or complications. Excess fat removal can result in more weight loss, but it will lead to many complications with an increased risk of ruining the aesthetic impact of the surgery. That's why irrespective of the clinic you choose for liposuction in the UK; they will consider you provided you are within 30 pounds of your ideal weight.

    Lipo permanently destroys the fat cells on the treatment areas of the body and stops them from appearing again. That said, new fat cells can eventually appear in those areas leading to recurrence of the deposits. However, even if you go for the best liposuction in London, you need to maintain the results through exercise and diet so new cells do not grow further.

    When you consider the soaring liposuction cost in London, its worth can be acknowledged based on your expectations of the surgery. It is not a weight loss surgery and should not be considered or opted for with that mindset. It is to be considered only to treat the fat deposits not responding to exercise or diets. Post-surgery also, discontinuation from exercise could cause redeposition of fat. That's why before having fat removal surgery in the UK, talk to an expert surgeon, and weigh the outcomes against the liposuction cost in London to avoid any regrets in the future. If you want to have a detailed discussion with an expert surgeon about liposuction in the UK, consider London Surgical Suites as your ideal bet.

    Tumescent liposuction is, so far, the most effective liposuction. It uses a mixture of lidocaine, epinephrine, and IV salt before the procedure. This leads to easy dislodging of the fat cells with the epinephrine leading to less bruising and inflammation making it a quick, safe, and convenient form of liposuction.

    If you have been looking for the best liposuction in London, LSS would be your ideal bet as we have a team of experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Samer Saour, Dr. Mauro Tarallo, and Dr. Massimiliano Marcellino with a wide experience of fat removal surgery in the UK. You can find such talented plastic surgeons at London Surgical Suites, a one-stop solution for liposuction in the UK.  

    Smart Lipo, Vaser Lipo, and Microlipo are some of the latest liposuctions in use these days. All of these methods use ultrasonic vibrations with variations in the mode of treatment. Though, to have the best liposuction in London, you should go for an ideal treatment plan as per your surgeon's advice. It is also imperative to go for a clinic with advanced modalities to offer you hassle-free liposuction in the UK.

    Irrespective of the surgeon or clinic you select for having the best liposuction in London, it will take 4-5 weeks to see the results. Initially, there will be swelling and pain with bandages and sutures. The inflammation will gradually reduce to a firm mass that will soften in the next few weeks. The sutures will be removed in 2-3 weeks, after which you can gradually see the results.

    Liposuction – To Remove Unwanted Body Fat

    Liposuction is a surgical procedure used to remove extra fat pockets in the body. Over time, a sedentary lifestyle and injudicious food habits can cause superficial fats to build pockets throughout the body. Excess accumulation on thighs, hips, arms, legs, and face can look aesthetically unpleasing. Usually, dieting, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle can shed a lot of unwanted fat. But even after all that, some deposits persist. Liposuction aims to remove these external fat pockets or deposits that do not respond to diets or exercise.

    What Does it Involve?

    The liposuction procedure involves the surgeon making incisions in the treatment areas and then inserting a cannula or pipe inside them for fat removal. Being an invasive procedure, liposuction is usually performed under general or sometimes local anesthesia with different sedatives if required. Depending on its varied technology, different types of liposuction involve melting the fat in various manners before removing it through tubes from the body. The entire procedure should be performed by an expert surgeon with a proven track record of fat removal surgery in the UK to increase success.

    Why Choose Liposuction?

    The thighs, buttocks, arms, and legs with the chin are some of the most conspicuous areas of the body. Sometimes, fatty tumors are lipomas deposited in these regions, which can sometimes turn cancerous if left untreated. Any disfigurement of these areas through fat deposits creates aesthetic insecurity that in turn takes a toll on your mental health. Liposuction successfully helps you deal with these problem areas and provides visible and long-lasting results.

    Liposuction effectively removes these tumors and excess fat from these regions for a healthy contour. In comparison to other fat removal procedures, liposuction removes more significant areas of fat and is more effective than other fat removal techniques because of its aggressive dealing with fat deposits. Lipodystrophy syndrome and other conditions like excessive sweating of the armpits are successfully treated in this method. Sometimes surgeons also recommend patients looking to build a successful body contour to go for the best liposuction in London to increase their chances of success.

    Which Areas of the body can be treated with liposuction?

    The abdomen, hips, and buttocks are the most common areas of the body that respond well to liposuction. Excess fat deposition in the buttocks tends to cause dimpling of the regions. Liposuction can effectively sculpt them into perfection and, in the process, remove the dimples on their surface. Also, the waist and the flanks benefit immensely from liposuction. Also called love handles, the fat from these regions is extremely difficult to treat by exercising alone. Liposuction successfully helps treat and contour them with satisfactory and long-lasting results.

    Apart from these regions, the upper arms and thighs are other areas where liposuction can be performed. All the three sections of the thigh, namely outer, inner and posterior, stand benefited by liposuction to a great extent. That with the chest, back and face form important areas of the body for liposuction.

    Who is an ideal candidate for liposuction?

    Any adult above the age of 23 within 30% of their ideal weight having firm elastic skin with a good muscle tone is a perfect candidate for the procedure. Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. People within the ideal weight criteria have not developed deep fat layers as yet. This enables liposuction to yield a successful outcome. Also, healthy individuals without any systemic condition can comfortably opt for this procedure as systemic conditions cause poor healing conditions that affect the results. Additionally, if you are a non-smoker, abstainer from alcohol or drugs without any history of drug or general allergies, this increases your eligibility as an ideal candidate for liposuction. If you want to confirm your eligibility for a fat removal surgery in the UK, let London Surgical Suites’ expert panel help you.

    Types Of Liposuction

    While the technique for liposuction remains the same for both men and women, the difference lies in the areas opted by either gender for the procedure. Liposuction in men is more complex than that of women. It is because men have more dense and fibrous fat that is adherent to the muscle. This fat cannot be removed as smoothly as in women who, in comparison, have spongy fat.

    The lower abdomen, hips, and arms are more common areas of liposuction for men, while women opt more for the thighs, chin, and chest portion. Liposuction becomes more costly for alpha men because of their hard deposited fat in the body. That said, it is not a hard and fast rule. Both genders can go for the areas of their choice depending on their fat deposits and the surgeon’s advice.

    In this regard, when you look for liposuction in the UK, you will come across some commonly used liposuction techniques such as Tumescent, Ultrasound, Laser-assisted Lipo, etc.

    The tumescent method uses a solution of epinephrine, IV salt, and lidocaine injection before the fat removal. Lidocaine numbs the area and makes it possible for the procedure to be held under local anesthesia instead of general. Epinephrine reduces the advent of bruising and inflammation considerably after the procedure. IV salt helps in the easy removal of the fat. Being suctioned out with the fat poses no risk to the rest of the body. Tumescent liposuction is more time taking than other procedures but yields the best results owing to its techniques.

    Ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses ultrasonic vibrations to liquefy the fat cells post which they are vacuumed out. It can be performed above the skin using a particular emitter or with a small heated cannula. It is beneficial for men to have fat areas on the back and breasts. UAL is used on its own or in combination with other Liposuction methods like tumescent for better results.

    Laser-assisted liposuction is used more in women because of its effectiveness in the chin, jowls, and face. It uses laser energy to liquefy fat cells, after which they are vacuumed or drained out. Laser liposuction, apart from removing fat cells from the face, also stimulates collagen fibers in those areas. This prevents the skin from sagging post-surgery and gives the face a contoured youthful look.

    In this regard, it is also imperative to know about two more procedures- Vaser Lipo and 3D lipo surgeries.

    VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. In VASER Liposuction, pulsed ultrasonic vibrations are used to break down the fat cells for easy removal. VASER also tends to liquidate and the fat cells before removing them to produce accurate results. Unlike traditional liposuction, VASER liposuction targets only the area in question and does not damage the surrounding tissues. Apart from fat cell destruction, VASER also tightens the skin and targets cellulite producing a contoured effect and fat reduction.

    3D Lipo is a unique fat reduction process that uses four options:

    • Cavitation
    • Cryolipolysis for Fat reduction
    • Radio Frequency for skin tightening
    • Dermology for cellulite reduction

    Cavitation ruptures the fat cells and turns them into liquid so they can be removed easily. Cryolipolysis freezes and kills the fat cells in the treatment areas that are then removed as waste from the body. Radiofrequency works on the collagen fibers to tighten and smoothening the skin while Dermology drains the destroyed fat cells using vacuum suction and rollers. 3D Lipo provides a painless, non-invasive treatment method for removing fat from the body and sculpting it simultaneously.

    If you are still doubtful about selecting an ideal treatment option for your liposuction in the UK, let London Surgical Suites help you. We have a team of expert surgeons when it comes to the best liposuction in London.

    Liposuction Surgery Procedure- Everything You Should Know

    The liposuction method uses liposuction machines and cannulas for fat removal. Before the surgery, your treatment areas are cleaned and marked. The area is shaved and scrubbed for disinfection. You are injected with anesthetics and made to lie down. After your anesthetics have set in, the surgeon injects the fluid under the skin for the fat cells to start dislodging. These fat cells are then vacuumed away through the vacuum tube. For larger areas, multiple injections are given from different directions to get the best results. Now you can understand why patients stretch so much in finding an ideal surgeon for liposuction in the UK.

    Post fat removal drainage tubes are inserted into the treated areas to remove the excess blood and fluid gathered during the surgery. Your treated areas are bandaged, and you are shifted to the ward till your anesthetics wear off. During the entire procedure, the medical team monitors you, who ensure that your parameters like heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure stay constant throughput. That’s why it is imperative to look for a clinic that can offer you the best modalities for a fat removal surgery in the UK. 

    What to expect after the procedure?

    After your anesthetic effects wear off, you will experience inflammation, soreness, and pain in the body. Your treatment areas will be bandaged and sutured. You will not be able to see any results at this time. You will be made to wear a compression garment. This will enable your body to stay in shape and prevent excessive bleeding from the wounds.

    The surgeon will place drainage pipes to drain out the fluid accumulated during the injections. Putting towels around you will help at this time and also prevent the mattress or cushions you are using from getting wet. The more the fluid is drained out of your system, the quicker your inflammation will decrease. At London Surgical Suites, we make our patients very comfortable throughout these critical phases to make their liposuction in the UK hassle-free.


    Liposuction is a moderately invasive procedure. After your anesthetic effects have worn off, you can get discharged the same day, provided you have someone to drive you home. Driving yourself is out of the question for the next few weeks. After 48 hours of the surgery, you can remove the compression garment and take a bath. Use only water and soap instead of taking a shower. Do not scrub the area. These strict guidelines are mandatory even if you just have the best liposuction in London.

    During these observation periods, you will be under the influence of painkillers that will make you groggy and light-headed. The bandages and the pipes will restrict your movement, and walking around in the compressed garment may not be very convenient. It is essential to take your medications in time and wear your compression garments diligently for quick healing. At this point, restricting your movements also helps in the sutures staying in place. You can walk around slowly. That will enable the circulation of blood throughout the body. But it will be necessary to lie down in a particular position to avoid any form of pressure on the Liposuction sites. However, you can expect your clinic to walk you through these dos and don’ts before your fat removal surgery in the UK.


    Irrespective of your treatment plan for liposuction in the UK, the first three weeks will peak your inflammation. There will be swelling, pain, and bruising. As the day passes, you will notice a gradual decrease in your symptomatic complaints. Within a week or two, the swelling will gradually decrease. Two weeks after your fat removal surgery in Uk, you will be called for a follow-up. Your sutures, if any, will be removed with your garments.

    Post this; you can rejoin work and start light cardio as well. But be careful so as not to exert yourself. Do Not go out in the sun and avoid the swimming pool and saunas till you are advised otherwise. Four to five weeks after the procedure, the firmness will start to soften. The scars post-surgery will also begin to fade. You can notice the effects of your surgery at this point and feel the change in your improved contours and features. If you want to have such hassle-free and the best liposuction in London, get in touch with London Surgical Suites now.

    What Are the Benefits of Liposuction Surgery?

    Liposuction, owing to its advanced technology and micro incisions, offers a safe method of fat removal than other procedures. There is less bruising than other procedures in the Tumescent procedure with quick healing of wounds. Studies have proved only a 1.3% risk of infections in normal liposuction procedures. That’s why there is so much demand for this fat removal surgery in the UK.

    Also, it permanently destroys fat cells in the treatment areas. The ones removed through liposuction do not grow back. Even your BMI or Body Mass Index is benefitted through this procedure that prevents many systemic complications in the long run. Most importantly, it improves the aesthetic effects of the individual. This improves his self-esteem and enables him to better his quality of life. That’s why, if you are going for liposuction in the UK, you better go for the best surgeon to rest assured of its benefits in the long run.

    Liposuction Cost

    The area of treatment will decide your liposuction cost in London to a great extent. Parts like the hips, flanks, and abdomen contain fat deposits that do not respond as effectively to the treatment as other areas. This requires more than one session for effective destruction of the cells. Usually, men have a larger body area than women, so the cost increases accordingly.

    While looking for liposuction in the UK, Different procedures require sophisticated machinery and treatment methods. These skills and experience impact the cost to a great extent. A qualified surgeon and his team will ensure a successful fat removal surgery in Uk without any complications. However, coupled with a clinic with numerous positive reviews would undoubtedly increase your overall cost for liposuction in the UK. A freestanding and independent clinic will be less expensive than a hospital setup with improved amenities. Other factors like anesthesia costs, medications, inpatient charges, and follow-up visits add up to the total costs of the treatment.