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Breast Reduction Surgery

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    Are you uncomfortable with your overly large breasts? Does the heaviness of your breasts cause shoulder and muscle pain? A Breast Reduction Surgery can reduce breast size to make them proportional to the rest of your body. Bizrahmed offers the patients the top Breast Reduction Procedure led by the renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bashar Bizrah. Our expert team of surgeons makes sure that you are satisfied with your decision to have the surgery.

    Breast Reduction surgery, also known as Reduction mammoplasty or Chest Liposuction in Dubai, is a surgical technique performed by the renowned breast surgeon in Dubai used to extract excess fat, skin, and tissue from the breast. It is performed for women that have large excessive breasts and often relieve the pressure and irritation that it induces. The procedure involves removing excess tissues and skin from the breast to reshape it. Most of the time, the areola must be shifted as well so that it is in proportion with the breast. The key aim of breast reduction surgery in Dubai is not only to reduce breast size aesthetically but also to maintain breast symmetry.

    The Need for Breast Reduction

    The probable reasons why a woman may wish to undergo breast reduction in Dubai for too large breasts is as mentioned below:

    • Getting un-proportioned breasts
    • Being shy or self-conscious while outside
    • Loss of self confidence
    • Feeling uncomfortable with constant pain
    • Bad posture

    Why Choose us for Breast Reduction Surgery

    Once the Breast Reduction Surgery is carried out successfully, the patient has to wear a support garment temporarily. It does not just support the breasts but also helps in the healing process. It minimizes scarring, swelling and bruising. To drain any excess fluids and blood, a thin tube is also placed temporarily underneath the skin. Tiredness, fatigue and slight pain is normal after the surgery. Doctor prescribed medications help ease the pain and make the recovery process quite comfortable.

    It takes almost a month to recover from Breast Reduction Procedure and during this time all physical activities have to be avoided. Your surgeon will give you special instructions to follow and provide you with written recovery period instructions. It is highly recommended that the patient attends all the follow-ups with the doctor.

    There are many Breast Reduction Clinics in Dubai but Bizrahmed is one the most successful breast reduction clinic in Dubai, doing effective Breast Reduction surgery because it is being performed by the top breast surgeons in Dubai and apart from regulating the size of the breast, we produce a range of aesthetic, physical, and psychological advantages, including.

    • Decreases the thickness of the breasts to the desired size and shape you prefer.
    • Aesthetically emphasizes the shape and contour of the breasts.
    • Makes you free to perform physical and athletic events without any unique limitations.
    • Builds your self-esteem and trust.
    • Relieves constant discomfort from the body that has been caused by larger breasts.
    • The breasts become strong to avoid serious sagging.
    • Gives you a positive disposition in your life.