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    Several factors decide the final cost of your boob job in UK. First, you need to consult with a breast surgeon in London to decide the ideal implant for your body and your needs. The expense of hiring the best surgeon in London and clinic is a factor too. Then there are additional expenses, including the implants, anesthetic sedation, use of the surgical suites and the surgery itself. All these factors will contribute to the total cost of surgery. 

    You can get in touch with London Surgical Suites today to discuss your case and receive an approximate cost for the surgery within 24 hours. 

    At London Surgical Suites, we understand how this procedure can be an investment in one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Many women with small breasts do not feel as feminine as they would like or might be frustrated with poorly fitted clothing or masculine body contours. The cost of placing breast implants is often well worth the money, and many women wish they had their procedure done sooner! 

    At London Surgical Suites, our doctors have years of combined experience in providing breast augmentation along with many other facial and body procedures. When it comes to hiring the best breast surgeon in London for natural results, the London Surgical Suites would be your ideal destination. 

    The London Surgical Suites is a popular choice amongst patients looking for the best boob job in UK. Women considering breast augmentation will want to choose a breast cosmetic surgeon in London who has the skills and experience to provide this and other body contouring procedures. Our doctors have decades of combined experience in offering boob jobs in UK. We have advanced equipment, spacious surgical rooms, dedicated staff, and skilled doctors who provide quality care at affordable rates for cosmetic procedures. We have membership and affiliations with the American Academy of Facial, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery and The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 

    Breast implants do not last a lifetime. Women must understand that once they have an implant placed, it will need to be removed and replaced if they choose to do so. However, this doesn't have to happen anytime soon. In fact, most women will enjoy their implants for a decade or longer, sometimes 20 years or more. This includes both saline and silicone implants. If there is a complication, the implant may need to be removed sooner. Common risks include capsular contracture or rupture. Women must speak to the breast surgeon about the possible complications that can occur with breast implants to ensure they understand the risks associated with this and any other plastic surgery procedures.  

    You may find it hard to sleep for first few days after the surgery, especially if you are used to sleeping on one side or on stomach. Following this procedure, the safest and most appropriate sleeping position is to sleep on the back with the upper body in a slightly elevated position. This can reduce swelling and soreness in the breasts following surgery and should be done for several weeks. 

    You may get worried about choosing the wrong size of implant for your boob job. In this regard, our doctors at London Surgical Suites can help you select the right size implant for your body contours and frame. Our team often deters patients from choosing implants that are too large for their bodies. Instead, we help you select a size that increases your cup size while remaining natural and in balance with your natural body frame and contours. In many instances, the most popular breast implant size is often anywhere between 350 to 400 cc. The final cup size could go somewhere between a small to large C cup. For many women, this is the ideal breast size—not too big but not too small! 

    Among all available alternatives, surgery is the best way to increase one's breast size. The use of implants can provide more dramatic results than alternative options such as fat transfers. While fat transfers are a viable option for women who might not be a good fit for a boob job, doctors often lean towards the placement of an implant whenever possible for more dramatic improvement. In this regard, talk to any of our esteemed surgeon to assess your current situation and to decide the best procedure for your needs and goals.  

    If you want to have a boob job in UK and you are looking for a top surgeon in London, call to our office at +44 20 7938 2223 to request an appointment with our team of professionals. We offer the best boob job in UK and pride ourselves in offering top-notch care for new and returning patients. Our office is located at 383 Kensington High Street, and our team is ready to meet you! 

    What is breast enlargement or breast augmentation?

    Breast augmentation, sometimes known as augmentation mammoplasty, aims to increase the size, shape, and texture of breasts through surgery. It is mostly opted for as a cosmetic procedure. While people unsatisfied with their overall breast size choose breast enhancement, people with congenitally small breasts, asymmetrical breasts or those impacted by trauma or accident conditions can also benefit from the results of breast augmentation.

    Breast augmentation from top surgeons in London

    At London Surgical Suites, we have some of the top breast augmentation surgeons in London, all of whom have extensive experience, effective techniques and provide patients with a tailored surgical experience from consultation to recovery.  Women considering breast augmentation can benefit from gathering more information on how it works from our expert team.

    How do I decide if breast enlargement is right for me?

    The best way to determine if you are a good fit for breast enlargement surgery is to visit an experienced cosmetic surgeon.  During this consultation, the doctor can listen to your personal requirements and assess your suitability for certain treatment protocols, as well as your health status, age (min 21 year) and any potential allergies to implants.  They can then determine which procedures or options to recommend.  

    How to prepare for breast augmentation?

    No matter where you choose to undergo your breast augmentation or boob job in the UK, you will need to ensure you are eligible by providing a detailed history of your medical conditions and any allergies.  The surgeon will also conduct a series of tests including blood tests, x-rays, and mammograms, as well as possibly ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs if required.

    Two weeks prior to the surgery, you will need to stop smoking and drinking. You will also need to stop using any ongoing anti-inflammatory medications, herbal supplements, or blood-thinning medications. All these instructions are necessary for proper healing of the incision sites after surgery.  You must stop eating after midnight on the day of your surgery for the anesthetics to work properly. Shave your underarms and chest areas thoroughly before surgery. Also, do not use any lotions, creams, or deodorants until you are advised to do so by your doctors before and after the surgery.

    What happens during breast enlargement?

    Breast enlargement involves increasing the size and overall quality of breasts through plastic and non-plastic methods, mainly fat transfer, breast lifts and breast implants. Fat-transfer consists of liposuction followed by the removed fat being purified and transferred to the breasts for increasing their size. Though producing natural-looking results, it is not a very reliable method owing to the fat tends to get reabsorbed over time.

    Breast lift involves surgically readjusting the breasts and nipples’ position to give them a more perky look. It is useful in cases of sagging breasts and can be performed on its own or in combination with breast implants to achieve optimum results.

    The most popular breast enlargement method uses surgically inserting silicone implants for an increased structure. Breast implants can be used on both breasts or one of them, depending on the cause and medical conditions of the patient.

    At London Surgical Suites, our expert team can talk to you through each potential treatment options and processes, so you can feel confident about getting your boob job in the UK. 

    What are the benefits of breast enlargement?

    For most women, an increase in confidence and self-esteem occurs as they enjoy a more feminine appearance with larger breasts. Women often find that their clothes fit better, and they have improved body contours. Having breast augmentation surgery helps them feel more comfortable in their skin, especially when their body is more exposed.

    What should I think about before choosing the breast augmentation procedure?

    There are many factors to consider before going for a boob job. You should be in the right frame of mind and have realistic expectations regarding the results of this cosmetic surgery. You should be aware that the implants will need to be replaced later and fully acknowledge the risks that may occur. Most importantly, if you are going for a boob job in UK, make sure your budget can stretch to the best breast surgeon in London so you can experience a seamless process and be assured of the best outcome.

    How does breast enlargement surgery work?

    Like any procedure, incisions are made to access the muscles and tissues of the breast. With careful precision, the surgeon will place the implant to increase the volume of the breasts. Women can expect scarring as with any surgery, but these scars will be hidden as much as possible with incisions often made in inconspicuous areas such as the underarms or the folds underneath the breast.

    How to choose the ideal breast implant?

    There are two types of implants that you can choose from, including saline and silicone. Both come in various shapes and sizes, including teardrop or round shape, textured or smooth shell. Choosing the right implant calls for a detailed analysis of multiple factors. In this regard, if you are looking for a boob job in UK, you can talk to our doctors in London Surgical Suites to decide the right implant for your body. We educate women on the pros and cons of each type to help them decide the best implant for their needs.

    What is an alternative to breast implants?

    While going for breast implants is the most popular enlargement method, it is not the only option available. You might also go for a fat transfer procedure. With a fat transfer, women can obtain liposuction elsewhere on the body, such as the tummy, and reuse this unwanted fat in the breasts to add volume and shape. The results of fat transfer are more subtle than breast implants but an alternative, nonetheless.

    How is breast enlargement surgery done?

    The procedure is performed by placing breast implants behind the chest muscle and breast tissue. The implant may be saline or silicone, depending on the one chosen by the patient during their initial consultation. The patient is kept under general anesthesia. Post-surgery, the patient can leave with any necessary prescription medications and postoperative care instructions. This is an outpatient surgical procedure for most individuals. We also encourage patients to book their follow-up appointment with their doctor before they have their surgery. This appointment is required to ensure the area is healing correctly and no signs of infection or other complications.

    How long is recovery following breast augmentation?

    After a boob job, the patient is advised to take time off work, school, and other social activities to ensure full recovery and reduce the risk of complications. Most women will find that a full recovery can take up to two months. The patient would have to limit certain activities during this time, especially physical activities while the incisions are still healing. Patients should get approval before participating in activities such as lifting heavy objects or performing vigorous exercises.