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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

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    Arm Lift medically known as Brachioplasty is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the upper arms by removing the sagging skin and improving the shape of the upper arms. The Arm Lift in Dubai will make your arms go from ‘bad’ to ‘fab’ if it’s done successfully. The sculpted upper arm would complement your silhouette and outfit. Today’s technology has made this operation a healthy and reliable cosmetic procedure with a decreased risk of scarring.

    The Arm Lift in Dubai or Brachioplasty is ideally suited for people who have extra fat or hanging skin on their upper arms. The arms lift techniques in Dubai are divided into two types:

    Minimum incision arm lift
    the minimum incision Arm Lift is perfect for people who have a minimal amount of excess skin near their armpits.

    Full arms lift
    The full Arm Lift in Dubai is perfect for individuals who have excess sagging skin on their entire arm.

    Arm lift Procedure

    Arm Lift surgery in Dubai or Brachioplasty, composed of the following steps:

    • Arm Lift Surgery in Dubai can be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia.
    • The surgeon makes minor incisions inside or the back of the arm. The pattern of the incision may vary based on the need for the operation and the preference of treatment of the surgeon. In the case of a mini arm lift, the incision is made in the underarm and extends to the right or behind the elbow, and incomplete Arm Lift surgery, the incision is made from the elbow to the armpit.
    • After the incision, the excess fat is removed by liposuction and the extra skin is shaved and tightened.
    • Finally, the incisions are stitched, often with absorbable stitches.

    The Arm Lift Process

    The Arm Lift in Dubai or Brachioplasty is not a long operation, it usually takes between one and two hours. The Arm Lift treatment for all types of Arm Lift surgery in Dubai is the same, whether a full or mini arm lift.

    The doctor can use anesthesia or IV sedation to help the patient calm down through the whole Arm Lift process. The surgeon can also perform liposuction to remove excess or displaced fat cells. The surgeon can also find extra fat and tissues that need to be removed. The specialist must be so vigilant that there are no marks left after the arm has been lifted. Otherwise, the entire sense of the Arm Lift will be wasted, and it will look awkward, despite being beautiful.